Price Intelligence Watcher

An incredibly complete tool for price monitoring at any marketplace or competitor's website. Analyze your own or your seller's competitiveness, historical prices and inventory to execute the best pricing strategy to maximize turnover and margins.

How historical data pricing helps us?

One of the most powerful features of Taggy is the daily pricing monitoring of products.
  • Pricing analysis by channel, category or reference.
  • Competitive analysis in reference to your competitors
  • Historical pricing analysis
  • Set automatic alerts on price changes on any website.
  • Make analysis of margins and profitability by channel and focus efforts to radically improve your billing or profitability.

Pricing Reports Download

Download Spreadsheet reports at any time which will represent a real picture of the prices of all your monitored products for all websites and marketplaces.

Go to the next level and take advantage of our data by cross reference it with your own metrics.


  • Maximize competitiveness and income.
  • Maximize profitability and margin
  • Facilitate Marketing department in terms of effectiveness and timing
  • Negotiate suppliers pricing with real data
  • Dynamic pricing tools.
  • Focus on online marketing actions on profitable¬† products.