Marketplace Monitoring

Monitor any eCommerce and compare your prices and products. Taggy pays special attention to marketplaces such as Amazon, Ebay, Aliexpress, Mercadolibre as well as price comparators such as Google Shopping, Idealo, KuantoKusta, Preis and much more.

Sellers pricing monitoring and historics

Monitor sellers' prices in any marketplace you want to detect opportunities, correct prices, or take actions.

Monitor, have historical data, analyze and set alerts about changes.

Prodcut Inventory monitoring

Have real-time availability and products stock report for each competitor or monitored channel, as well as the relevant data of each product.

Analyze sales peaks contrasting with competitors, or explore opportunities. Taggy will alert you of a lack of stock in any of your monitored websites.

Develop automations such as alerts and product releases based on this data with our API.


You will be able to benchmarking before a new product launch or take a commercial action having all your competitor's data on the table. Take advantage of their portfolio and detect opportunities with their sale prices.