Historical Product Prices

Historical prices are tied to Taggy's daily monitoring technology. Have a historical data of your products, inventory and much more.

What are the benefits of the historical data

  • Have an accurate vision of your competitiveness in a determined period of time.
  • Detect seasonality in your portfolio and plan purchases, marketing or pricing actions.
  • Study the relationship between pricing and billing.
  • Report data to the brands you represent.
  • Justify to brands agencies your prices or marketing decisions.
  • Have better information about product during negotiations.
  • Detect competitors or sellers who are being more aggressive in their pricing strategy and take action.

Taggy Data Explorer

Take advantage of the huge amount of useful data and make analysis with our ultra-fast Business Intelligence tool.

Cross reference historical prices with the rest of the metrics in order to be able to reach conclusions about competitiveness and have a clear picture of your market, your brand, your products and your competitors.

Take advantage to the predetermined reports that Taggy provides you about pricing evolution and impact.