Content and Product Management

Brands and large distributors will be able to analyze the contents and product sheets of all channels to guarantee seller's homogeneity.

Sellers will be able to analyze content from competitors and product changes.

Product content modifications on Amazon.

Optimizing the product page is essential on Amazon. With our tool you will be alert on any content modification of your following products.

Know your Amazon ranking or if they automatically changed the content of your product, as can happen with titles.

Competitor selling similar product

Using our tool as content benchmarking and reference taking also makes sense. You will be able to see if a competitor changes, for example, the name, the image or the description of a product impacting your ranking.

On-page SEO analysis of the competitors

Taggy stores the HTML data every day for each competitor's product. This can lead to on demand detailed analysis if you find a specific need such as analyzing the evolution of on-page content and SEO of your competitors.

Using this data with other SEO tools will bring you the opportunity to do ``reverse engineering``.

Possibilities are unlimited!