Amazon BuyBox Monitoring

The accelerated evolution and sales growth through marketplaces, in addition to sellers increment, means that monitoring what price and who sells the product when the client clicks on ``buy`` is even more and more important for brands and retailers.

What can I use this information for?

  • Improve my price or seller rating to win the BuyBox
  • Monitor price changes along with vendor changes
  • Check your share percentage of the Buybox.
  • Be clear when you lose the Buybox and receive alerts to act.
  • Check the minimum and maximum prices for a product in a specific time.
  • Evaluate the shipping costs associated with the product.

BuyBox changes alert

You can set alerts when there are changes in the BuyBox of the products you want.


  • Radically improve your conversions and billing.
  • Maximize the time you are in possession of the BuyBox or avoid losing it.
  • If you are a brand, keep an eye on your distributors.
  • Analyze the products with the most price struggle even before deciding to sell them.
  • Have a complete historical data of who has been selling the product and at what price. You can even have a rendering of the page 100% exact to how it was on the day you want.