There is not only software behind Taggy. There is a team ready to help you. Peer to Peer experience.

We build digital brands and experiences

At Taggy we have a simple and clear proposal, add real value to your business. Exponentially increase your competitiveness and profitability, and grow with you.

We want to make this technology powerful, accessible and useful for all our customers.

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Our Objectives

Explore your full potential thanks to our data.

Automate repetitive work. Focus on the important.

We develop our robots according to your needs

Pay only for what you really need.

Our tool is simply, easy and powerful.

No your typical application supplier, but partners.

Always in contact for your needs.

In constant improvement of our product.

Scale your Business

Our proposal is the accessibility to our technology. Hire only what you need, and grow with us, increasing your portfolio on Taggy as your business growth. Pay based on the reference numbers and the monitoring channels.
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