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Competitor Price Tracking & Brand Monitoring Tool

Stand out from your competitors and monitor their products on any marketplace. Take control of your Brand. Business Intelligence at your service.

Taggy is your all-in one monitoring system

Track your competitors' products, prices and inventory data in their website, Amazon, Google Shopping or in any marketplace.
Set data change alerts for products and generate product data analysis, everything performed with the same tool.







Business Intelligence Data Explorer

  • Take advantage of big data to create customized analysis with our ultra-fast Business Intelligence tool.
  • Be able to reach in on-click information about your competitors, market, brand, products and inventory.
  • Use this data to complement your own company metrics to be able to arrange valuable reporting.
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How It works

Leave the complexity to our backend algorithm, we advocate for simplicity and the best user experience for you.

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3. Marketplace Monitoring

Tell us which marketplaces you would like to monitor and our engineering team will do the rest.

2. Upload your product feed

Upload a file with your target products in a specific format to import it into Taggy

4. That's it!

From now on, you will have a complete analysis tool and your customized app for downloading your automated reports.

Improve your competitiveness and monitor your market

Get the data and reports you need to optimize your e-Commerce strategy in a simple and fully automated way.
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