Business Intelligence

One of the most powerful features of Taggy is the utilization of the huge amount of data obtained. The application gives you a complete set of tools to monitor, analyze and establish alerts on prices, availability, competitors, content ... but, what if we go the extra mile?

Taggy Data Explorer

Taggy Data Explorer is an analysis panel inside our application that will allow you to cross metrics references and analyze prices, product stocks, competitors prices, content changes and other information based on a determined period of time.

See how covered your portfolio is in terms of availability and how competitive are your prices. Draw conclusions about past periods, analyze pricing strategies that have been followed all year by your competitors.

Taggy continue to evolve this tool month by month, we feed ourselves with your opinions to even make predetermined reports that are relevant to your business, we are here to be your partner not just a tool supplier.

Business Intelligence Integration Tools

Taggy's processed data is available for exportation outside of our platform. You can extract the data in CSV or through our API. Also, we offer an on-demand real time database so you can work on it with your preferred Business Intelligence tool.

Cross competitiveness data reference for periods with, for example, your margins or costs to reach really deep conclusions and make business decisions.

We will analyze your data for you

One of our value is to help you maximize your business with Taggy.

We will always be accessible and collaborative, evolving the products together depending on your needs, you can rely on us to offer you specific consulting services, reporting, competitor's analysis, periodic reports that feed your company KPIs and much more.

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